Making Family Coworking Easy

Being parents, we know that staying at home with children AND working from home can be challenging. We are focused on providing
high-quality and fun content to your children, to make it easier to bring the two worlds together...

IT'S OK! - Online Kindergarten is a daily Online live program for children aged 2.5 to 6 years. There will be up to 6 sessions (30-45 minutes) of online live programs a day, from Monday to Friday.
Your children can also re-watch our videos anytime on our Facebook group.

We want to help you as a family AND support freelance workers financially with our online program during these times.

Learning with fun

Having fun and being creative is key to the healthy and creative development of a child.

We want to bring these two worlds together. That's why we offer a program with a variety of different topics.

Maybe this is the time to get to know a little better what your child loves and how they react to different themes. Are they interested in saving the bees or are they all in when the science experiment happens?

​Stories & ​Music

Children love music, interactive games and performing role plays or imaginary play. We combine it all, sometimes with costumes and sometimes with live storytelling.

Life without music is meaningless!

That's why there are music classes nearly every single day. Children can learn to build their own instruments from everyday objects within your home.

​​Arts & Crafts

From monsters to princesses... there are no limits!

Bringing art and creativity to children is something we like to encourage. We believe it should be as natural as brushing your teeth, for the mental well-being of your child.

With simple things, your children can create their own museums, draw superheroes or create little Easter presents.

Sport & Exercise

If your children aren't active during the day, this can lead to stressful times for you when it's time to go to bed.

That's why we implement movement into every session (where possible) and there are dedicated Sport courses every day.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! I want to see her again. I like her.

Charly, 3.5 years

Loves stories and dancing like Elsa

We want to be the kangaroo to jump, jump, jump.

Leni, 4.5 years & Anna 6 years

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